You can pay me now or you can pay me laterThis phrase was used by an oil filter company several years ago to remind us that our cars and trucks need regular service. The commercial advised us that if we fail to change the oil and filter at regular intervals as recommended by the automobile manufactures, we would be paying the auto repair shop for major repairs at a later date. Most car owner realize they need to change the oil and filter, check the tire pressure, check the radiator fluid, change the wiper blades, and do the other regular maintenance to keep the car safe, operating, and maximize the life of the vehicle. When a vehicle is purchased the dealer covers the details about the vehicle including the regular maintenance needed. They put you on a mailing list to remind you about maintenance, they email you, they offer discounts for coming in for service, and they even telephone you to remind you about maintenance.

Although your investment in home comfort system is not as great as a new or used vehicle it has become a major investment in your home. The technology and construction of the new units has increased the efficiency of the system, but it has also increased the initial cost and the repair cost substantially. Over the last couple of decades, the installed cost of a new furnace and air conditioning unit have more than doubled. The components of each are much more sophisticated which increases cost and setup. So as an experienced heating and air conditioning contractor, I ask you, “Do you want to pay me now or pay me later?” Twice yearly maintenance on your system can eliminate many of those costly breakdown issues. It will also substantially increase the life of the unit saving you replacement money for many more years. The added bonus is the utility cost for operating your system will be minimized with a well maintained system.

Every manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment strongly recommends semi-annual maintenance. They publish it in their literature and always advise the consumer of that recommendation. Your utility also strongly recommends twice a year maintenance checks on your system. For many, they have partial rebates on maintenance checks to reduce the use of natural gas and electricity.

Call us today for a maintenance check on your system. We can setup a regular schedule so you will be automatically be contacted for your next maintenance checkup. This plan includes special savings on any service or purchase from us, gives you priority service, and protection on your investment. And as an added bonus, we will give you a free inspection of your plumbing system (at your convenience) to help you save utility costs and detect potential issues before they become major emergency problems.Furnace and Air Conditioning Maintenance

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