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Whether this is your home…………………………………..or this one is your home,

you expect a Service Technician to respect your property!

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You’re not expecting debris left behind or your home damaged!

One of the biggest fears a homeowner has when needing a Service Technician for their plumbing, air conditioning, heating, electrical or pool heater service is how that Technician going to treat my home! We all know of a friend or family member who had a Service Technician in their home and they damaged the home or left a big mess when they left. Fear not any longer!

Each of our Technicians is vetted prior to hiring. We carefully check their driving records, their previous employment, a thorough background check and several interviews before they can become part of our team. We then have them travel with a Senior Technician so they understand the way we respect a customer’s property, how we expect the job to be done right the first time, and how we treat each customer with the courtesy and respect they deserve! To insure that this continues we have on-going customer service training and roll playing regularly! Each customer concern is taken seriously. If a Technician does not treat a customer with respect, or respect the customer’s home or can seem to satisfy our customers, we first discuss it with them and if the behavior continues, they become someone else’s employee!

If you ever have an issue with one of our Technicians, please contact our Customer Care Department and express your concern. We want you to be a fully satisfied lifetime customer!

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It’s a good time of year to have our trained experienced air conditioning Technicians solve your cooling problems whether you live on Grosse Ilse, in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Melvindale, Wyandotte, or Lincoln Park.

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