This summer we have had several days of 90+ temperatures. A cold shower might feel great and very refreshing, particularly after an active day of sports or outdoor work. Even a short walk from the car with a bag of groceries to the house can cause our bodies to heat-up and the thought of a cold shower sounds wonderful! But what if it’s not 90+ degrees outside and you haven’t been outside working or playing? The idea of a cold shower usually is not on your list of things to do!

Here are 4 signs you may be in for an unexpected cold shower tomorrow morning!

  1. After using hot water for a shower, bath or for the laundry, your water heater makes crackling sounds as it’s heating up the water. This is a symptom of mineral build up in the tank. The build-up causes the water to boil near the burner and create the noise. When this occurs, you are using more energy to heat the water and causing extra stress on the hot water tank. The life of the tank is severely shortened. The tank will quickly develop a leak and you are taking cold showers!
  2. When you are near the tank you see a small puddle of water directly under the tank of near theHome Service Corp. Water Heater Replcement tank. This is an indication that the tank has already developed an internal leak in most cases. When this happens there is no repair available and the tank must be replaced or you’ll be taking cold showers! The other problem is you could have a major leak and cause damage in the area of the water heater!
  3. When you look at your gas hot water tank, you see discoloration near the burner access door
    Home Service Corp. Plumbing Service

    Area of possible discoloration.

    area. This is an indication that the burner is not functioning properly. There are a number of reasons for this but it usually means parts of the tank or flue baffle have deteriorated and have disrupted the flames on the burner. This can be a dangerous situation as carbon monoxide may be present because of improper combustion. It also means it’s time to replace the tank, or you’ll be taking cold showers!

  4. Another clue that you should look to replace your hot water tank before you’re taking cold showers is the age of the tank. Many tanks will have a sticker on them clearly showing the Home Service Corp. Plumbing Repairmanufacture date of the tank. The manufacture’s serial number can also help to determine the age of the tank. With that information and the brand you may be able to check the age on the internet. Most tanks installed have a 5 year warranty against leaks but will last a few years beyond the warranty. If the tank is 8-10 years old, you can expect to be without hot water and taking a cold shower some morning in the near future!


To avoid that unexpected cold shower, call today for an evaluation of your tank and information about the options for new high efficient hot water tanks!

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